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Crypto & Blockchain Enthusiast, V Systems Community Ambassador, Marketing and Community Specialist, Gearhead-cum-Biker among a few other things…

Naughty by Nature, the producers of some of the most well-known hip-hop hits such as Hip Hop Hooray and OPP, are in the business of changing the music industry since 1986. And now, in 2021, they’re preparing to disrupt the world of NFTs and Virtual Reality.

Members of the BlockBaroners society are not alien to the concept of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Or the fact that we believe that they are the future of many business verticals spanning various industries. …

As you all know we have announced our Polkastarter IDO launch which is to be conducted on March 8th. Similarly, we began accepting whitelist applications for the IDO with our whitelist kick off announced here. As of writing this article, we’re running strong with Day 4 of our IDO whitelisting process. However, we’ve noticed that some participants and community members are not clear about the participation process and some don’t even understand the basics. In this article, we will try to explain this issue thoroughly.

First the basics, what is an IDO?

IDO stands for Initial DEX Offering, a form of early fundraising for projects in the…

[PC: Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels]

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Reach for the Moon! [PC:Designecologist|Pexels]

So here we are, the first post on BlockBaroners Medium page! Hi, my name’s Logan and I run the show here.

Since this is literally the Hello World post about BlockBaroners, I guess it is apt to discuss the basics — the ‘WWW’ requirement for a brand to exist;

Who we are?
What we do?
Why do we exist?

But before we discuss BlockBaroners, let me rant about myself!

(This is a long overdue topic)

I am Logan King and I am from India, and you guessed it right! That is not my real name, but it is my professional pseudonym. …

The upcoming new Automated Market Maker protocol (AMM) for CoFiX is the most anticipated project on the track of the decentralized trading in the DeFi field. Although there were many minor problems with its front-end functions, CoFix raised more than USD 100 million on the first day of the launch.

Many professional digital currency market makers and traders are optimistic about this product and quickly participate in CoFiX’s liquidity mining and transaction mining. However, for amateurs, CoFiX can be difficult to understand, and the densely packed formulas in the protocol white paper can be daunting. …

One of the common causes for concern for new traders joining the CoFiX ecosystem is their lack of understanding about a safe and efficient hedging strategy. This often leads to losses of various magnitudes, hence in this article we will discuss some of the Hedging Strategies that we have devised for newbies, but it can be effectively be used by anyone.

A general brush up about CoFiX & its background

CoFix is a computable financial transaction model. Market makers are the liquidity providers of CoFiX, who gain profits in the transaction process by assuming certain risks in price fluctuation. …

Recently I published an article (CoFiX Hedging Strategy) that gives the basic concept of hedging strategy in general and within the context of the CoFiX ecosystem.

Here we take a brief look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding hedging strategies in context of the CoFiX ecosystem.

Q1. How to deal with changes in market maker’s asset structure after market making?

Answer: Since market making process is a process of integrating market maker’s capital into CoFiX capital pool, as long as the ratio between the two is inconsistent, market making will result in changes in the market maker’s share in the capital pool after market making. Market makers can adopt the following strategies…

As the Community Ambassador of V Systems, I think that is the most common question I’ve faced regarding the project in the last 11 months since I’ve been with the project. Although, that does not elude from the fact that there have been far more inquisitive and technical inquiries about the project or the tech behind the scenes. I guess it is my simplistic and mundane nature to focus on the silly things that tend to leave a lasting mark in the memory.

However, when you take away the humor from the perspective of this question, it evolves into quite…

As some of you might know, for the past few months I have been closely associated with V Systems, a Blockchain infrastructure project that focuses on providing on-chain database and cloud management services. Earlier this year, the project was boosted through’s launchpad, in fact, V Systems is the first project to go through the launchpad of Since then, V Systems has developed its own smart contract ecosystem called Euclid. A stable version of Euclid was realized by Q4 of 2019.

The first ecosystem project of V Systems is The Tachyon Protocol with its IPX Token, which surged fourfold…

Logan King

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